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Offline ace_of_spades  
#1 Posted : Friday, January 09, 2015 3:40:20 PM(UTC)

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I have a alcohol fuel producer permit and am interested in using alcohol or a mix of gas and alcohol in my lawn equipment. Has anyone had any luck with this?.
I ran a 70/30 mix of gas and 180 proof in a old lawn mower, the fuel line is rubber and the carb has a plastic float. It ran ok but not sure for how long.
Offline John Barleycorn  
#2 Posted : Saturday, January 10, 2015 8:51:11 AM(UTC)
John Barleycorn

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Hi ace,

This is on the todo list for me ... on the way to getting an electric generator running on EtOH. Something like this:


Please post anything you learn ... including any mistakes ... so others can benefit from your experience.

Offline falcon  
#3 Posted : Thursday, January 22, 2015 10:28:38 AM(UTC)

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Hey Ace, I use to drag race and there was always a alcohol burner there. I would look into junior dragsters, I watch them run the 1/8 mile faster then some cars. They were loud too. I couldn't tell you anything about the alcohol (%/proof) as I wasn't brewing then, and I was using C-14 racing fuel. I watch I fellow drink the same fuel he was using in a rear engine rail, although he was still in the rail in the morning, he ran fast times. Good luck
Offline TomP  
#4 Posted : Saturday, March 28, 2015 12:44:29 PM(UTC)

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I am an old mechanic who is now retired.
I answer based on my experience .
Engines can be made to run on Ethanol but...not Efficiently or Economically and not for long.
The Fuel systems in common use will NOT be compatible. Even E10% requires different jetting.
Rubber and plastic parts will disintegrate over time.
Fuel hoses especially are liable to become very brittle and leak.
There are no simple fixes or work arounds.
Cars are run on Ethanol in Brazil but they are started on Gasoline. Lower vapor pressure.
The amount of Ethanol required to run an engine by volume is roughly twice that of gasoline.
The moisture absorption causes galvanic corrosion in carburetors that is often not repairable.
All parts of the fuel system will need to be replaced w ethanol proof AND moisture proof materials. A lot of plastic gas tanks split and crack just from 10% ethanol use.
For the above reasons, no aircraft is certified to run any type of ethanol mixture period.
If you chose to experiment you should never allow any ethanol to remain in the fuel system when the engine / mower / whatever is stored and none should be stored inside a building.
Small engine that deliver 10 hp on gasoline will deliver about 2/3 as much power on Ethanol unless completely re-engineered inside and out.
There will be those who refer to the Model T that ran on Ethanol but it was designed to run on both Ethanol and Gas. There were no plastics or rubber parts in the fuel system and there were drains on the carburetor and fuel tank. There is no news here.
If you live in an area that has E10 go ask a small engine mechanic how many carbs he sold last year?
Offline Whodat  
#5 Posted : Tuesday, April 07, 2015 4:31:10 AM(UTC)

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Awesome Question btw. Corn fuel is by far the best and you know how many jobs and farmer's would shit there pants?...However.......it will eat your rings and anything rubber....see? That's why we don't use anything rubber when making our product.....less its cold....Ford actually came up with the ideal. Like back in 38'?.....
Anyway.....the problem with this as you know....is that...your gasoline, or my moonshine contains water...and what does water do to metal? and what does strait alcohol do to rubber rings?

They do run a ethanol race car in indi....and guess what? They add just about 10% of real (crude oil) gas to it....and why? So people won't drink it......just like rubbing alcohol." We will add shit to kill ya, or make it seem undrinkable, just so ya won't get a buzz ":)

Who knows this better? Go-cart runner's that use rocket fuel to play around with there 2 -cycle motors.You need like N.A.S.A. O-rings and shit....good topic XD
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