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Thread: Raschig Rings in Canada

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    Chris Guest

    Default I having a hard time finding r

    I having a hard time finding raschig rings in Canada. I tried to order from here but Canada is not an option for a shipping location. No online store in Canada seem to offer them.I need help.

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    Dr. B Guest

    Default Hello Whitewater I can only as

    Hello Whitewater I can only assume that due to your harsh words(dr. dick head) that you were one of the ones who recieved alot of emails last night. I would reffer you to the very last thread entitled forum bombardment for a formal apology. I also would personally like to apologize to you for any inconvience you might have suffered due to my posting. It truly was a mistake as I do not recieve these updates and was unawre they existed. Please excuse my ignorance Sincerely, Dr. B

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    Anonymous Guest

    Default I ordered them through Brewhau

    I ordered them through Brewhaus and paid around 20 dollars a liter. I found that they are not easy to come by.

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