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Thread: Rum in a reflux still

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    Samson Guest

    Default I want to make a rum run but a

    I want to make a rum run but all I have is a reflux still. Would it be ok to run it without any packing? And if so will I need to run it through twice? Or can I just pack half the column and do it in one run.
    Thanks for any help on this

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    Barefoot Larry Guest

    Default Remove all the packing, unless

    Remove all the packing, unless it's copper mesh. Leave a single scrubber or a LITTLE mesh in, so the vapor will have contact with some copper. You don't want it refluxing, though. Run it as a pot still, twice. Take output of the first run, dilute it by about half (or a little more) and re-distill.

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    Samson Guest

    Default Now for the tricky question. W

    Now for the tricky question. When I run my reflux I stop collecting when my thermometer hits 180 degrees F. Should I do the same for the rum or should I go hotter/cooler.First run 172F. to ? second run 172F. to ? Forgive me but all I have ever ran is thin wart made from sugar. And I want to try differant things but I'm not sure about the temp range. I don't mean to sound like an a** but if I don't know how I ask.

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    Alex_C Guest

    Default Samson, No assery involved


    No assery involved, itís a valid concern
    Not sure about the temp in F but in C, if you stop collecting at around 84c, you'll end up with a light smooth rum, that would be pretty quick to mature to drinking grade. Collect to 90c and you get a heartier, heaver, richer rum, though it might take a bit longer to mature (if you use a clean fermenting yeast 3-6 weeks should be enough for it to break down).

    Donít be alarmed though, pre-aged rum (if you collect in the higher ends) smells like a pretty strong kick in the mouth. Just give it a few weeks to age and you should be ok.

    You can also use a full reflux to distill your rum, once again, simply collect to the higher temps. I havenít tried this yet, but theoretically it has a couple of advantages. You end up with a higher ABV starting product, hence you have less of the contaminants you rather not be drinking (some that will come through in a double distillation method). The second is more prolonged contact with copper. Rum produces quite a bit of sulfur in its fermentation process and copper is a natural ďspongeĒ for it.

    Keep us posted as to how things progress.


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    Elricko Guest

    Default Samson: I have run it both


    I have run it both ways. You definately get more rum flavor they way mi compadres explained it, however I've run in a full reflux mode and gotten very good rum also. Either way will give you rum. If you go reflux collect at around 85%. What recipe did you use?

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    Samson Guest

    Default Hey thanks for the info. My th

    Hey thanks for the info. My thermometer has a F.mode and a C.mode so I can get the right temp. As far as the recipe I just used 1Gal.molas 6 pounds dark brown sugar and 6 pounds cane sugar and 6.5 Gal fresh spring water. As for the yeast I used wine yeast it seems to work nice for me.

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