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Thread: Corn Mash

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    Corn Mash

    Hey good people, it is hard to get hold of corn or corn syrup where I live so I was wondering if there is any way to make Moonshine mash with out using corn ?

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    try the Gerber under whiskey recipes

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    Man there are loads of recipes that dont use corn at all. Go to the recipe section and givera looksee.

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    Corn meal from a grocery store has worked for me. Unless that is hard to find in Scotland also.

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    Yes, you can use corn mash but you need something in the mix to convert the corn starch to sugar. I have seen a recipe for a 1,200 gallon recipe where it called for 1,380 lb corn, 400 lb rye, and 200 lb malt barley (6 row). Not sure on the purpose of the rye other than flavor, but the malt is used to convert the corn starch to sugar in the mashing process. I have used field corn from a neighbor is cloning some American style beers and it converts just fine with 2-row malt also. However, it is difficult to sparge off the liquid. The corn turns to paste. For liquor, it is generally recommended to just ferment the whole mash and keep,it stirred for,the first couple days. If not using rye, you should use a proportionate amount of barley equal to the sum of the two.

    Forgot to say, you need to grind, crack, the corn. At least coarsely. Same with the malted rye and malted barley.

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    As a homebrewer, if I'm using oatmeal, rye, or any other sticky starches, I throw in rice hulls. They do not add any flavor but do prevent a stuck mash.


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    How much of the rice hulls do you use? Or can you suggest a ratio of so much hulls per lb of sticky stuff?

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    I can't answer empirically and given I have not done corn mash before I'm reluctant to talk out of my a$$...

    The last time I brewed with rye, I used a fistfull for 1.5 lbs of rye. The other thing to do would be to up the water to grain ratio if you have the ability to boil back down to get the OG you want. If you are not boiling then you could bring the OG up with sugar after you sparge. Please take this all with a grain of salt given I have never brewed anything but beer.

    Again, YMMV

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    I've never had a problem using small quantities of flaked grains and never have used rice hulls. Maybe just lucky. However, just bottled a batch of spotted cow, New Glarus Brewery, clone. My son-in-law likes it. Used field corn instead of flaked corn and had a stuck Lauder tun. Just stirred it down enough to get the liquid passed and then let it settle after flame out. Then poured it through a fine sieve. Worked ok. Next time I think I'll try a fist full of rice hulls.

    Was the rye that you used, flaked rye or malted?

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    The rye was malted.

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