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Thread: Beer keg boiler help

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    buzzman Guest

    Default I just scored a 15.5 gallon ss

    I just scored a 15.5 gallon ss beer keg.
    I don't have access to a tig welder, so I'm looking for an
    alternate way to use my keg. It looks like the top has some kind of "snap
    ring" holding the ball valve (where the tap attaches) in place. This is a
    round cover, about 2 or 3 inches in diameter, with a ball valve in the
    middle. I looked at the forums to find a way of removing it but I don't see
    anything on this. I was wondering if any one has any suggestions. I don't want to cut the
    keg because I intend to use it as a fermentation tank And a "still!" I
    figured that if I can get double duty use out of it I'll be way ahead with
    storing my "parts" AND answering nosey question about what I'm doing,
    especially if it's "just a fermentation tank!" I like the idea of making 15
    gallons of, um wine, yeah thats it, wine, at one time. I will make a larger wash in the keg to work with, and then I'll
    use the keg to "finish" the job too! I'll "probably use a propane turkey
    fryer to heat it for that. In any case, I "still" have my trusty lil ol
    5-gallon stock pot to fall back on! LOL
    thanks in advance for any ones help.

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    BGoad Guest

    Default Buzzman, That is a great it


    That is a great item to have. I to use one for my reflux system. To remove the tap system first make sure that it is not pressurized by getting a tap or if you dont have on you do as I do and face the key away from you and wedge a flat tip screw driver between the ball and the side. This will release all of the pressure if any. Once you have completed that, removed the "snap ring" with the same screw driver. it is a coil type snap ring so it will come in very small sections. After you have the that removed you will be able to grasp the tap and twist it slightly to remove it. Thats it! Now to convert it, do not cut the keg! Check out Ricks site for your choice of items below.

    1) a column ready to go ( get the o-ring) for the keg.


    2) Stainless Steel ferrule for welding to build your own column. If you do know someone who can weld.


    3) 2" male NPT to 2" Tri-Clamp coupler. Allows you to easily adapt a copper column to a Sanke keg or Tri-Clamp fitting by using a 2" female NPT fitting on your column.

    Personally I would go with choice #1 as the columns produce by Rick and his staff are superior in craftsmanship and work very nicely.

    One thing I have when using such a large pot is that I can control my temp much easier allowing me to get a higher quality in the end.

    Hope that helps,


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    c....freebrew Guest

    Default If you go with the ss male fit

    If you go with the ss male fitting from brewhaus and buy the o-ring and tri-clamp there is no reason to need a welder or cut on you keg. This is the only way to go and is so simiple and this works wonderful. I use this system and I have had no problems at all. I also use the the turkey fryer burner and regulater and this is great as well.

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