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Thread: thump keg size

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    thump keg size

    im a long time winemaker , vodka and reflux distiller but cant find any thing on exact thump size ? and has anyone ever used ps 2 with thump plz tell exp. ordering new 15 gal prem keg also past exp with it . i thank anyone for imput

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    I just started researching this subject and the info I've found so far indicates a thumper at least 1/3 the size of your boiler or more than one thumper to equal 1/3boiler size. Any thing less and you need to have a down comer or return pipe to the boiler in case it gets to full. The idea being if the boiler pukes tou won't be sending that through your condenser and into the product.

    Have Fun.

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    Does the thumper make a single run in the pot mode equal to 2 runs thereby eliminating the need for 2 runs when making whiskey????

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    Seeing as how I have'nt run mine yet so I can't say from experience. From the research I've done that's pretty much what it sounds like. Though I have heard of them refered to as doublers I don't think that is in reference to the ABV.
    The main advantage I'm looking for is the increase in ABV while retaining flavor. I'm looking to get the ABV up to 60 or 70% with good flavor retention.

    Have Fun.

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    If you starting with a wash in 10-12% range and you are looking for 60-70% for your hearts you can do it in one pass with the doubler. If your wash is half that like it usually is with an all grain for making whisky, you need to distill three times. So one stripping run without the thumper and then a spirit run with it, or one stripping run with the thumper and your spirit run without it.

    The reality is usually washes in the 10% or higher range include some sugar, like Popcorn Suttons recipe or UJSM and will taste best coming off at above 80%.
    I found it odd(funny) when on the other board OD made his second flute design with plate dissabling so it was capable of running a 60-70% in one pass then tested it with some UJSM and complained that it tasted terrible and he much preferred his "full flavored" distilate coming for closer to 90%. I couldn't understand why he didn't get USJM isn't bourbon. Its more like making whisky and vodka at the same time(think Canadian Whisky) so its going to naturally taste best at a higher percentage.
    This has been my experience anyway.

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