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Thread: When distilling twice

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    scott Guest

    Default when distilling your spirit tw

    when distilling your spirit twice....should you dillute it 1st, or distill the 2nd time at full strenght....thanks scott

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    standtz Guest

    Default The first distilling run is al

    The first distilling run is already diluted, obviously. The second and third distilling runs should always be diluted with water. (Especially if you are using an electric water heater as your still because you need to make sure the element is submerged!)

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    Spiritmaker Guest

    Default Hello Standtz, Would you pleas

    Hello Standtz, Would you please tell me how you control the heating element in your system? I'm still trying to come up with a way to duplicate my "Amazing Plastic Still" performance and convienience, with something a little more durable (longer lasting heater) that I can leave running at low temp overnignt. Please see my thread of Oct 30, 05 in this forum for what I've proposed.
    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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    standtz Guest

    Default Can't seem to find my plan

    Can't seem to find my plans, but it is a 6 gallon 220volt electric water heater that has been modified by removing the thermostat and replacing the heater element. It uses a 'Mexican Cactus' type reflux column. Fill it up, turn on the cooling water, plug it into 120volt outlet and it more or less runs for hours without tending. I've even run overnight. Someone else my be familiar with my design because the plans were bought on the internet and I highly recommend this design.

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    Spiritmaker Guest

    Default Thanks standtz, I wish you cou

    Thanks standtz, I wish you could find your plans though! I sure would like to know what a "Mexican Cactus" type reflux column looks like (I imagined one of those giant cactus plants one seen in western movies!) At any rate I would love to know what kind of mod's you made to the heater, etc.
    Thanks again,

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    standtz Guest

    Default I will look for them this week

    I will look for them this weekend.

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    standtz Guest

    Default Here is the link where I got t

    Here is the link where I got the Mexican Cactus still plans. I don't wnat to infringe on any copy rights so you will have to purchase the book. It is well worth the $9.95 and the still works! Go to: [url=""][/url]
    Hope this helps.

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