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Thread: Activated Carbon Question

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    Activated Carbon Question

    I'm trying to find a less combursome Carbon filter system than the pvc pipe and funnel version I received with my PSII set up that is less messy, less work (lazy brewer) and easier to store, less pieces etc. Found one commercially made one by Still Spirits called the EZ Filter.

    Then I also found this one on you tube where someone is using a Brita filter, although I've read less than positive things about using the Brita that would require replacement too frequently.

    Any advice, feedback, or other ideas would be welcome.

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    I don't think either of those would be satisfactory. If you don't like the Stainless steel one BH sells(works great) then you can just put your booze in a gallon container and pour in about a quart of loose carbon material. Just swirl it around a few time a day for about a week or so and then strain it through a coffee filter.

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    The stainless steel version is the same as the pvc version but without the silicone between the pipes. I was hopling for a more commercial version that could eliminate the multiple cycles of rinsing the carbon mutiple times before using it in the filter.

    I guess I have to put more manual labor into this versus finding a short cut. I appreciate the response and input. I'll pony up for the stainless version.

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    I use the method div4gold & mntwalker2 use - gallon jug & quart of activated charcoal. Works as advertised w/o the mess of the column.

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    I shorten the length of tube, about 12" and Pack about half a bag of carbon in the tube and cone. Put a industrial grade filter on it and run the vodka through it twice. Clean it up really nice, take about 48 hour in total. Not super fast but everything takes time.

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