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Thread: Corn Moonshine Whiskey Mash Recipe

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    Default Corn Moonshine Whiskey Mash Recipe

    The basic ingredients:

    * corn meal
    * sugar
    * water
    * yeast
    * malt

    The basic process:

    Mix all ingredients together in a large container. After mixing, move the mixture, called "mash," into a still and leave it to ferment. How quickly this process occurs depends on the warmth of the mash.

    Heat the mash to the point of vaporization at 173 degrees. The mash will produce a clear liquid, often the color of dark beer. You must watch this process with careful attention.

    Trap vapor using a tube or coil. The vapor will be transferred into a second, empty container. The resulting condensation is the moonshine. It is then ready to drink or sell.

    Keep mash in container. It is now called "slop." Add more sugar, water, malt, and corn meal and repeat the process.

    Repeat the process up to eight times before replacing the mash.
    Good luck!

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    rayor......dont use this process as you WILL be dissapointed. Please read and learn more on the subject of fermenting and distilling. There is a whole shittload more knowledge and info you need to make that work.
    Although it sound reasonable there are things that dont jive with that layout. So dont give up --- and please dont think I'm TRYING to be a prick but as you learn more you'll see what I'm talking about.
    The ingrediants will work when applied and combined at the right time in the process and utilized properly. READ--READ--READ

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    well, you were right. I'm not a specialist in smth like that, just learn this stuff for my own interests...but it's not so simple as it seemed so many nuances should be known

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