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Thread: first time distillation wash

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    first time distillation wash

    I've been brewing for 16 years, time to try something new. I just transferred my first sugar wash from the primary fermenter to a couple of glass carboys. I followed the instructions on the Black Label Turbo yeast I ordered from Brewhaus, 13 pounds of sugar into 6.5 gallons of water and pitched the yeast. The wash fermented like crazy for a few days. My question is.... the transferred product is sort of milky white, the look of it reminds me of really weak lemonade. Is this normal? I also tasted it expecting some sweetness given the sugar content but it wasn't sweet, almost sour with no taste of the yeast. Not at all what I expected.

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    No sweetness is good. That means your wash has fully fermented (perhaps).

    Wash should be "dry" like a dry wine.

    Don't swallow that while tasting. Could give you a little poopy prolem

    If you let it sit for a few days in a cool spot in may settle on it's own. Regular yeast does.

    I thank them turbo users typically buy a clearing agent. Yet another unneeded expence.

    Use half that turbo pak and 8lbs of sugar and your final product will be much cleaner.

    ABV is not the be all to end all measure of quality.

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    I don't use turbos, but a week in a bottle settles it enough for the stripping run. I use corn flakes too, so I usually have a lot of trash to settle out. You can use wine clarifiers to aid the process, but I didn't see much difference, although I have heard that it helps with turbos.

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    Thanks guys. This will sit in the carboys until next weekend. Time to go finish the still....

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    Quote Originally Posted by pighunter View Post
    Thanks guys. This will sit in the carboys until next weekend. Time to go finish the still....
    If its cold where you are, you can speed things up. Set it outside till thuroughly chilled and bring it back in.
    In the winter, when its freezing, I would rack it back into a fermenter, set it outside. Every so often i take a slotted spoon or 2 and lift out the chunks of ice forming on the top and toss. The water will freeze, the alchohol won't. Then bring it in and let settle. You will have a freeze stripped run, ready for the final run.

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