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Thread: sweet feed whiskey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozark View Post
    Well its not a custom blend but locally ground mix and yes im guessing a healthy portion of molasses.
    Corn is broken, oats are rolled as is the barely
    Molasses is most likely more of a beet sugar I guess.
    On that run I yield a pint maybe just more
    Ya all talk avb and avg heck I don't know
    I just go by sight and smell
    just me bein me ya know
    When i try the horse feed ill go by the book-- but paul has been doing it his way and quite succesfully for some time now. he is not trying to squeak every drop of alcohol out of the grains. ill do that when i make my mash then paul and i will have something to yack about

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    4 Inches in a five gallon bucket of sweet feed and 5 pounds of sugar, add boiling water about half full let stand 1 hour or so until cooled to 90 degrees add turbo yeast 5-7 days strain well and run, really good stuff

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    Don't understand the need for turbo with grain.

    .............Don't understand the need for turbo.

    Try that recipe with bakers yeast (or the like) and I recon you'll like it more (or not).

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    I was a big believer in turbos --until-- I went with bakers yeast. It really does have a diff and better flavor. I know turbos have all the nutrients and thats all well and good but you can buy a jug of nutrients of you must have em. And I know you get more and higher proof hooch, but it suffers the off flavors. I guess with sugar washes a turbo would be fine but with grains - its something worth trying.
    Bakers will be done in 5-8 days but Turbos will take 2 weeks and some to finish and clear. to each his own.

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    OK ---- with the sweetfeed recipe, I just finished my second generation and the third is now fermenting. I don't think I got THAT much flavor, I am running a gooseneck tower w/ thumper. In the second wash I put 1.5 gallons of backset and started the next wash. I added all but 1 pint of the distillate from the first run back to the next run in the boiler. So after the second run I took 1.5 gallons of backset and added to the next wash.(3rd wash)
    So from the first run I kept 1 pint of hearts and added all the rest back to next run.
    Second run added wash and all distillate from previous.
    Second run kept 1 pint of hearts and took 1.5 gallons of backset for the next wash.
    Not earth shaking like I've had read but TIME might be the answer. Oaking 2 pints now with one more wash to run. Hoping for the best.

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    Ok finally got the last wash ran. (3rd generation) I did get some flavor carryover - smelled pretty good. The final quantity was almost 2 qt.s for ageing and 1 qt of feints. I cut the hearts to 60%, carbon filtered, covered with a cloth to air out for at least 3 days and then I will add oak and maybe a clove or two. It does have a pretty nice aroma and whilst it was coming off it did seem ok. Only time will tell. I can definatley see the need for adding backset to the next wash as a flavor enhancer. With this amount of whiskey sitting around , wont have to do this again for awhile.

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    Finally after some health problems i got back to the feed store. A 50 pound bag of horse feed is about $7.50 now.
    I may try and mash with it. Its not malted and im wondering if i should crush the grains.
    i really need to get to it as soon as we finish our custom grain bag.

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    hello i'm new to this...i made my first batch of rum last i'm looking for a simple recipe for whiskey.can anyone help me.

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    Sweet Feed Recipe

    I highly recommend the sweet feed version over all others. folks who have tasted this whiskey,rave about it. a 50 pound bag will run about 13.00 which is many gallons of finished product. first,order a good WHISKY turbo yeast. next, put 4 inches of the feed into a clean 5 gallon bucket. pour 3 gallons of warm water over the mix and let stand overnight. the next day strain off the liquid into another clean bucket,leaving ALL the grains and solids behind. now, using large grain bags, scoop out all the solids into roughly 4 large bags. in 2 more gallons of water,steep all these bags of grain. temp should be between 150-170 degrees for about a half hour to extract the sugars from the grains and corn and all the other solids. let the mix cool,and when room temp. add this to the first bucket of liquid. now there is some opinions about wheather to add sugar now or later. my personal experence says go ahead and add 17.5 pounds of white cane sugar to this mix stirring until all sugar is dissolved. let this mixture sit until your tubo yeast arrives. add the turbo yeast and bring the water level up to within a couple of inches from the top of the bucket. I personally don't use the 3-piece air-lock but I use a hose fitted to the bucket lid running into a gallon jug with about 2 inches of water in the jug. fermentation is going to be VIOLENT and the bubbler just will not work that well. let ferment for the full two days per yeast instructions.this should yeald 15-20% alcohol. strain off into your distiller leaving behind any lees in the bottom of the bucket. this should do it. for the very best results save all the finished alcohol and distill this again. this will make a good whiskey. I triple distill mine and cut the finished product with filtered water to produce 150 proof. this recipe works very well....good luck!!

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    Grain Bags?

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