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Thread: sweet feed whiskey

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    sweet feed whiskey

    Does anyone have a good sweet feed recipe for Whiskey? There is one posted on the net - but it calls for 5gallon bucket of sweet feed. Doesn't seam to be room for much else - or is this for a larger batch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kc-fan View Post
    Does anyone have a good sweet feed recipe for Whiskey? There is one posted on the net - but it calls for 5gallon bucket of sweet feed. Doesn't seam to be room for much else - or is this for a larger batch?
    I would forget the sweet feed. All that I have bought for my animals contains powdered mollasses, bacteria and mold inhibiters and other addatives you might not want.

    Do a search in recipe section or google: UJSM (Uncle Jessie sour mash) a corn sour mash recipe, and also DWWG death wish wheat germ.

    Both are easy and make good drinking whiskey.

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    I ran a sweet feed recipe once. You only need about 1/4 5 gallon bucket of sweet feed. But you are wasting your time. Very difficult to strain before loading. Very, very messy. Never ran again.╚

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    Horse feed--the cheapest is good. The 5 gallon bucket recipe is good but it is just written incorrectly.

    5 gallons water but in the bottom of the bucket just put about 4 inches of the feed. My buddy paul uses horse feed because horses are extremely sensative animals and horse feed is safe.

    He mashes the feed rather than just let it sit in the buckes as that recipe calls for.
    He has been doing it for years. Ive been researchubg horse feed and dont find any embalming stuff in it--6.50 for unfortified feed and 10.50 for fortified feed--We dont need fortified feed. Soonas i run my irish whiskey, im going to get a 50 pound bag of horse feed

    I use a grain bag when i mash.

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    Yep Scotty Sweet Horse feed mash is my favorite.
    about 4 inches in the 5 gallon bucket is right more can be better but not much more.
    The feed I buy is made locally in Mo.
    Mostly corn oats barley and molasses.
    I use Liquor Quik Superyeast X-press
    definitely a good strainer is needed so the feed doesn't enter the pot or you risk a scorch taste from grains sitting on the pot floor.
    Again cheap, good taste, jug

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    Hey, Scottie and Ozark,

    I love the smell of the stuff, and have fed it to my milk cows, horses and deer. So am curious.

    How do you mash it? How long a boil, do you add acid, mash with malted barley, add sugar? Whats the OSG reading for your ferment. What kind of yield do you get for the hearts?

    Or are you doing an uncooked wash with added sugar like the UJSM method?

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    ozark does it all the time

    I will do it in a few weeks. I plan to use 2 pounds per gallon and mash at 165 degrees for 90 minutes-- i will not add sugar this first run but i expect the P.A, to be around 7%.. Then i will ferment wit ec1118 till dry- I will make a pot still run and maybe a second run-I'm not sure. Ill have to chat with Ozark about that.

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    Measure your sweet feed
    transfer to a SS pot add 3 gallons of fresh water bring to 160-170 temp for 45-60 minutes
    transfer to 6 gallon fermenter let cool to 80-90
    fill fermenter to 5 gallon level with lukewarm fresh water
    add yeast give it a fair stir
    keep room temps at near 70
    cover or use an air lock but watch for air lock blockage regularly
    5-7 days strain well
    add to the pot

    I like the horse feed best as it has no additives for this recipe, some feeds do contain Medication you don't want so check the ingredients label

    I've got a link to a similar recipe if you want but sugar is added.

    I make for taste not volume or high proof.

    Just an old mans drink ya know

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    Ozark, I definately agree with going for flavor.

    However, I am still confused on several points. First, you are not gelatinizing the starches, particularly in the corn. Then, are you adding enzymes, like malted barley at the 160 temp. range to convert the starch to sugars?

    But then again, if you are haveing it custom made, perhaps you have a heck of a lot of mollasses added? What I get in bags here doesn't.

    Even so, seems like it would be very hard to exceed 2% ABV for the ferment?

    Agreed, that would give super flavor, just not much yield for all the work.

    Please advise.

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    Well its not a custom blend but locally ground mix and yes im guessing a healthy portion of molasses.
    Corn is broken, oats are rolled as is the barely
    Molasses is most likely more of a beet sugar I guess.
    On that run I yield a pint maybe just more
    Ya all talk avb and avg heck I don't know
    I just go by sight and smell
    just me bein me ya know

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